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"But is it true?"

This question was posed to me years ago by Dr. Win Corduan in a class at Taylor University.  He challenged me to test out the Christian faith and determine if it was true or not.  Since that time, apologetics, or defending the Christian faith, has been a passion of mine. 

This blog is dedicated to helping people learn about the evidences for Christianity as well as helping Christians be better able to defend Jesus Christ against so many philosophies that are constantly springing up and do not meet Paul's criteria of being "true and reasonable".

Dr. Corduan has written a book entitled No Doubt About It.  For the average person, this is one of the best books on apologetics that you can find.  There are some deep parts that need to be read a few times, but it is well worth the effort. The chapters on the nature of truth, the existence of God and the problem of evil are excellent. The vignettes at the beginning and end of each chapter really help to make the content of the chapter practical. You can get your copy of No Doubt About It by clicking on the link to the right.  Corduan continues to teach at Taylor University, you can visit his blog by clicking here.
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