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Matt Chandler - a little Texas passion

Tim Keller, pastor of the Redeemer in NY City said (and I paraphrase), "If you listen to one or two people, you become a clone.  If you listen to eight or ten, you become confused.  If you listen to 20 or so, you begin to develop your own voice."

MattChandler.jpg Well, Matt Chandler is one of those folks that you should consider listening to.  He's a young preacher at The Village Church in Dallas, TX.  His style is passionate, a little irreverent (on appropriate topics), and entirely biblical.  I was first exposed to him on The Resurgence website, where he spoke as part of a conference to young pastors and church planters.   Keep in mind it's not a Sunday AM service, and he's speaking to a young crowd, but it's really neat to hear the story of how he became the pastor of his current church, when he really didn't want the job.

Check out the video:

All of Matt's sermons are also available on this podcast.  If you don't know how to use a podcast, the instructions are all available on the link above.  My brother and I have greatly enjoyed his sermons on Ecclesiastes. 

And more recently, Matt has become a bit of a blogger.  Not a ton of posts, but meaningful ones.  You can visit Matt Chandler's blog at dwelldeep.net.

If you are one of those that just goes to church to warm a pew, I would definitely save some gas and time and stay home and listen to Matt.  If you actually serve and minister to others as part of your fellowship, you'll have to find another time to do so.

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